Coffee comes in many flavors from Arabica to Robusta. They all like to hang our in Cupbios, for it is plastic free and 100% recyclable; a Tesla of paper cups.

Size alternatives

120 ml 240 ml 350 ml
  • 120 ml
  • 240 ml
  • 350 ml
Technical details
120 ml240 ml350 ml
Height (mm)6093105
Maximum width (mm)628090
Bottom width (mm)465159
Cartonboard (gsm)220220220
Hot Cupbio
Hot Cupbio in use

Customized cups

Paper cups are an excellent way to stand out and communicate your brand. While coffee is being enjoyed, the cup it is served in is a part of that experience. An engrossing and attractive, customized to your liking, paper cup tells your company´s story like no other medium and in a sustainable way.

The beverage and Cupbio together make your brand known and remembered.

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“We're showing the way.”

Miika, Cupbio

“It's essential to the customer's brand to be associated with an ecological disposable product.”

Kirsi, Cupbio

“Take away -culture is alive and growing. It's all about how to achieve the growth sustainably.”

Janne, Cupbio

“Cupbio - unlike others.”

Team Cupbio