From ALE to IPA and APA to Stout, all beers taste good in all languages, even from a cardboard cup. And they taste even better when you know that the pint is completely plastic-free and recyclable - quite a responsible pleasure.

Size options

350 ml 450 ml 590 ml
  • 350 ml
  • 450 ml
  • 590 ml
Technical details
350 ml590 ml
Height (mm)105145
Max width (mm)9090
Base width (mm)5963
Carton (gsm)220220
Cold Cupbio

Custom cups

Cardboard cups are an excellent way to be visible and communicate the company’s brand to the customer.

By offering the customer a frosty drink from a customized Cupbio, you are communicating your brand’s story ecologically.

Together, the drink and Cupbio increase your brand recognition and strengthen the memory of a relaxing moment.

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“We're showing the way.”

Miika, Cupbio

“It's essential to the customer's brand to be associated with an ecological disposable product.”

Kirsi, Cupbio

“Take away -culture is alive and growing. It's all about how to achieve the growth sustainably.”

Janne, Cupbio

“Cupbio - unlike others.”

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